Success Stories

Endure Electric came by the boutique yesterday. Your staff are great. Very friendly and helpful!

Work Done at My House:
The job turned out really goo and the pot lights look even better than I hoped. Your staff did a great job and cleaned up well. I’d be happy to have them ack or refer to others. Maybe I will even have company over now that the place is looking so great!


I just want to mention that I very much appreciated the service I received from Endure Electric. Your staff member was very professional and efficiently resolved the issue I had with my doorbell. Thank you,

I was very happy with my recent interactions with Endure. Marcie did a great job keeping me informed and providing cost estimates in a timely manner. Many thanks for helping me out.

Chris was awesome. He completed all the jobs to the highest quality, and helped me discard the materials that were replaced. Thanks, Endure!

Clean, efficient, high quality and friendly technicians.

Marcie: Thank you for the report. We were very pleased with the service. The crew were on time, dedicated and worked very hard to complete the work that day. I was very pleased with their experience, friendly and informative attitude. They should be commended. I forgot to ask for the smoke/CO2 detector instruction manual that comes with the item. If there is one can you please
send or an electronic copy. Thanks

Darren: Thanks so much! I’m absolutely thrilled with my under-cabinet lighting. Definitely the right choice. But I’m just ecstatic with my plug receptable on the island!! Thanks for lining up an electrician on such short notice. Very much appreciated.

Hi Marcie, Jade came in this morning and wrapped up the job today. You have a pretty cool pro electrician there. A keeper in my opinion. Thank you, Marcie. I hope to meet you personally one day.
Take care.

Darren: Please excuse my delay in writing to you. Last Wednesday, Kory attended with another electrician to complete the work on our exterior light installation and selected fixture repairs. Our Residents were notified of completion and no issues have been reported. The work has been inspected both by Kory and Bob, on our Board, and has been found to be most satisfactory. I do wish to comment on Kory’s involvement: Kory has been very diligent and thorough in his work, made effective use of his time, communicated effectively when required and was a great asset to the project. We would be pleased to have Kory work on this project should one again present itself. He is a great lead hand. Best regards …

Dear Alan: Thank you very much for looking after my hook-ups and new lights. They work great. Kind regards,

Re: Aaron: Both of our clients personally called me today to tell me jut how fantastic Aaron is! Just thought I would pass their feedback along to you too😊 Thanks so much for all your help!! Kindest regards,

Hi Darren/Marcie, just wanted you to know that the city inspector came by and was thoroughly impressed with the work Chris did. His comment was “everything was done perfectly. I wouldn’t have done anything differently”. So great job! Please feel free to use me as a reference for future clients. Thanks

So very pleased to have reliable, professional service. Cory is so nice, and more importantly, his thoughts and work surrounding my little light issue was so appreciated! Thanks