We understand the needs and drivers for both commercial development and operations – in simple terms, that’s time and money.

Our breadth of expertise and depth of experience – providing project-specific electrical solutions for the commercial customer is reflected in the work we do and the satisfaction of those we work with.

Whether it’s a warehouse, restaurant, retail or office space, we work closely with our customers to fully understand their needs as well as the scope of the project, providing the innovative thinking and technical know-how to exceed their expectations.

Electrical Design

With a clear understanding of a project’s goals and requirements, our team of experts will create a unique design concept for the customer. This is where innovative thinking and practical experience converge. Every aspect of the space and the activity that will take place within it and beyond is considered in that design, ensuring optimum operation and performance.


Commercial security systems not only protect a business’ premises and assets but also the employees and visitors to the site. Our experience and expertise in designing and installing innovative safety and security systems is second to none. It basically comes down to meeting your needs and addressing your concerns – from intercoms and simple lighting to fully integrated, networked security systems with cameras and 2-way response alarms and callouts.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are mandatory for commercial buildings. The building code is clear and the regulations are monitored and enforced. At Endure, we take compliance seriously – for ourselves and for our customers. An industry certified fire alarm system that is professionally installed and maintained will not only protect people and assets, but will help keep insurance costs down.


Lighting is a key component of every commercial setting. Not only does it support and enhance the aesthetics of interior and exterior design, but lighting can help people relax, bring attention so a specific area or product create a certain mood or improve productivity and safety of employees.

New Builds, Renovations and Additions

Electrical solutions for commercial projects are quickly evolving to meet the diverse needs of businesses and the operational efficiencies derived through technological advances – improving productivity and reach through global communications, e-commerce, remote networking, security, energy conservation and much more. While the process to manage a new build differs from that of an addition or a retrofit, the care undertaken for the design, product selection and installation is consistent across all projects – ensuring quality workmanship and a high rating for customer satisfaction. Regardless of the project scope we have the capability and expertise to fulfill your needs.

Commercial Process

Endure offers innovative ideas for optimum performance.

Endure Electric - Calgary Electrical Renovations, Installations and Automation

Customers often refer to us as a one-stop-shop for project-specific electrical solutions in the commercial building sector.

Our expert capabilities and master skills are recognized across the region as contributing factors to the success of not only the projects we collaborate on but to the businesses that set up shop upon completion.

The ability to conceptualize and install complex networked solutions is increasingly important in this day and age where systems integration is a necessity. And we have that.


Businesses of all sizes and in all sectors rely on data networks to make decisions and run effectively. At Endure, we appreciate the importance of having the information you need when you need it – and understand that it is contingent on the network you have in place. From design to installation and maintenance, our team is focussed on ensuring our business customers’ data-related requirements are met.


Commonly used to regulate climate and energy use within a business setting, controls directly impact the bottom line. The ability to manage HVAC systems, boilers, roof-top units and other components more effectively is due in large part to the innovation and evolution behind today’s networked systems.


Time is money for a business and we appreciate that for a business to function at optimal levels, all systems must be operating efficiently and effectively. As the electrical system is the backbone of a business network it is important to regularly evaluate all components of the system and undertake routine maintenance as a preventative measure.

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Commercial Process