Our Team

Endure Electric Ltd. is a full service provider of electrical solutions for residential and commercial customers in Calgary and Southern Alberta. We are a family owned business, founded in 2008 by brothers Alan and Darren Olive. Today, Endure includes a team of qualified electricians and people in supporting roles – all working together to provide exceptional value to our customers and bring superior workmanship to every project.

The Endure team is working together to provide exceptional value to our customers and bring superior workmanship to every project.

Darren Olive, Principal - Endure Electric

Darren Olive, Principal

Darren Olive is a principal owner and partner of Endure Electric Ltd. Having graduated from SAIT, he has over 20 years’ experience as a Journeyman Electrician and 12 as a business owner.

Darren takes great pride in being active owner, noting the many client relationships and partnerships developed since 2008. He attributes Endure Electric’s success in part to the company’s ability to provide consistent quality in meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations. In addition to finding solutions to their challenges, Darren knows that they appreciate the professionalism, integrity, proven experience and innovation of the Endure team.

Proud of Endure’s reputation in the industry and community, Darren looks forward to growing relationships with existing clients, working with new clients and providing leadership to the Endure service team.

Email: darren@endureelectric.com
Phone: 587-888 – 6688, ext 4-4

Alan Olive, Principal - Endure Electric

Alan Olive, Principal

Alan Olive is a principal owner and partner of Endure Electric Ltd. Alan is a Master Electrician (SAIT) with more than 30 years’ experience in the industry and 12 years as a business owner and partner of Endure.

While many clients are looking for solutions to their problems or innovative ideas to overcome certain challenges – Alan has great confidence and pride in the ability of the endure team to deliver. What he also appreciates is that all clients are looking for and value experience, quality workmanship and assistance completing their project on time and budget.

Believing that there is a solution to every challenge, Alan seeks out those challenges because there is nothing better than the feeling of solving a client problem – “it’s like the dopamine has been released.”

Email: alan@endureelectric.com
Phone: 587-888-6688 Ext 4-2

Donna Eldridge, Projects Coordinator - Endure Electric

Donna Eldridge, Projects Coordinator

Donna Eldridge is the Projects Coordinator at Endure Electric Ltd. With more than 25 years’ experience, Donna has become an expert at coordinating and scheduling project activities to meet the needs of clients and optimize the productivity of the Endure team.

Keeping a project on track requires one to keep their eye on many moving parts – communications with clients, suppliers and staff, tracking progress, meeting deadlines. When faced with challenges, Donna feels it’s best to “grab the bull by the horns – dealing with them decisively and directly.”

Email: projects@endureelectric.com
Phone: 587-888-6688 ext 1

Grant Olive, Purchaser - Endure Electric

Grant Olive, Purchaser

Grant Olive fulfills the role of Purchaser for Endure Electric where he works to meet the needs and desires of customers with the most professional and reliable service possible. Clients rely on Grant to provide them with the best prices available and trust him to ensure they are billed accurately.

While re-enforcing and enhancing current processes, he is always on the look out to create new ones that will increase productivity and reduce costs for both clients and the company. Grant approaches challenges in a logical and methodical manner by breaking them down and considering various options and approaches, making sure that any problem is resolved completely and in an appropriate manner.

Email: purchaser@endureelectric.com
Phone: 587-888-6688 Ext 2

Andrea Graham - Endure Electric

Andrea Graham

Andrea Graham is the Accountant at Endure Electric, where she brings 35 years of experience to the role. As a retired CPA, she knows the importance of financial reporting and the impact it can have on critical business decisions.

In addition to providing accounting services to directly support the business and the owners of Endure Electric, the impact of Andrea’s efforts extend beyond the confines of the office to address certain elements of the client relationship as well.When facing a challenge, Andrea “like[s] to get at it and get it done.”

Email: accounting@endureelectric.com
Phone: 587-888-6688