At home and at work, people are searching out solutions that incorporate technology to make daily living easier, more secure, comfortable, and efficient.

An engineered home or business with a complex layout featuring various amenities can be a challenge for builders.

Our technical knowledge, skills and experience elevate the products we install and produce superior value for the projects we are part of. Importantly, our crews have the capability of working together to install both electrical wiring and structured wiring at the same time, improving project efficiency.

Low Voltage Controls

Low voltage controls are commonly used to regulate climate and energy use within the home of office. People are most familiar with such controls as extensions of their thermostat or HVAC system but they also are integrated into appliances, monitors and lighting. As the foundation for automated systems, these controls are attributed with cost savings and energy conservation.

Security Systems And Cameras

From a home or office security perspective, automation provides enhanced control over the alarm system. Users can utilize both centralized and remote control monitoring of the security system’s door locks, window entry sensors and other components.

Home Automation

Total home control provides the ability to adjust the amount of daylight and electric light, the temperature, and the power used by appliances used in a specific room or throughout your home. This allows you to save energy, increase convenience and create just the right ambiance.

Lighting Controls

Light control will directly impact energy consumption and costs. Timers can be activated to turn lights on or off at certain times while sensors allow for lights to be turned on or off according to the presence of people in a particular area. Additionally, light control can be integrated into security system functionality and of course, plays a major role in setting the right mood to support entertainment and home theatre events.

Automation process

Endure believes integrated electrical systems are the future.

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A connected home or office uses a central control system to integrate various systems including but not limited to: communications, entertainment, wi-fi enabled devices and appliances, security systems, environmental controls and lighting. Automation allows you to control your home systems remotely from anywhere and at any time.


People often have the view that window coverings are primarily decorative, intended to provide privacy and control light coming in through the windows. While that may be true, the role of window coverings and shades, in particular, has evolved along with technological innovation in both home and commercial settings. Industry leading design and innovative engineering concepts have elevated the functionality of window covering to improve energy conservation, entertainment, security and aesthetics.

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