A restoration project means there has been unexpected damage to a home or place of work. Such situations are most often distressing and always unsettling for those affected.

Fire, water, lightning strikes and vehicle impact can and do cause significant damage – some you can see and some is not so easy to detect. It is our job to ensure the safety and integrity of the electrical system after a natural disaster or accidental event. It’s also our job to help ensure people are happy, safe and comfortable after our work is done.

While the scope of a project is often bound by the terms set out by the insurance company, restoration projects provide an opportunity to upgrade electrical systems to code if necessary and present the opportunity for home and business owners to implement further improvements, budget permitting.

Post-fire rewiring

A fire can be devastating. Whether its cause is considered a natural disaster or an accident within or around the home, the damage can be extensive and the repairs significant. Our team is proficient in assessing fire damage and mapping out a plan to ensure the integrity of the overall electrical system and the ongoing safety for all in the home or business.

Post-flood rewiring

Water is one of the most common causes of damage to buildings, including their electrical systems. Most everyone has a story to tell about some form of water damage: flooding, sewer backups, burst pipes, malfunctioning appliances and plumbing overflows. Years of experience repairing water damage to electrical systems have allowed us to become restoration experts.

Lightning strikes, power surges

Did you know that each lightning strike contains about a billion volts of electricity?
When lightning strikes directly, nearby or to power lines, a power surge often occurs. This can cause significant damage to computers, connected devices and appliances as well as to the electrical networking within a home or business.

Vehicle impact

One doesn’t often think about this happening but there are times when a vehicle ends up in your living room! Damage caused by vehicle impact can range from mild to severe in nature. Depending on the extent and location, repairs may be required in a number of rooms and may touch a number of electrical components or systems.

Restoration Process

Endure makes working through an insurance claim less stressful

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Every aspect of an insurance claim is important to a restoration project.

Endure Electric has many years of experience working on restoration projects. That experience not only allows us to offer our customers the benefits of our skills and expertise in dealing with challenging electrical situations, but in navigating the insurance claim landscape as well.

Photo Gallery Of Our Restoration Work:

Restoration Process