Our goal is to put the power to do whatever you want, wherever you want - in your home – in your hands.

Our breadth of expertise and depth of experience – providing practical, and exciting electrical solutions for residential customers – is reflected in the work we do and the satisfaction of those we work for.

Whether it’s a custom build, renovation or upgrade, no project is too big or too small for us to make a person’s home their dream home. Our work begins with fully understanding the scope of the project so we can put our innovative thinking, technical know-how and expert skills to work – exceeding all expectations.

New Builds, Renovations, Additions and Upgrades

Electrical solutions for residential construction are quickly evolving to meet the diverse needs of families and capitalize on technological advances – leading to increased comfort, convenience and security. While the process to manage a new build differs from that of a renovation, the care undertaken for the design, product selection and installation is consistent, ensuring quality workmanship and a high rating for homeowner satisfaction. Regardless of the size or scale of a project we have the capability and expertise to fulfill your communications & networking, entertainment & media, security & safety needs.


Lighting is integral to a well-functioning home. Not only does it support and enhance the aesthetics of interior and exterior design, help to create a mood or highlight a certain design element, it also promotes safety by providing appropriate illumination of key functional areas like food preparation in the kitchen or movement along hallways and stairs.


Entertainment is perhaps one of the most exciting and inspiring aspects of home construction and improvement. From home theatres and gaming centres to home offices and whole home music systems, our team of experts works with customers to deliver innovative concepts – providing the best cabling and networking options and selecting the most suitable components.

Safety and Security

Whether you live in the city, a small town or a rural area we can help ensure your most valuable assets are protected. Our experience and expertise in designing and installing innovative safety and security systems is second to none. It basically comes down to meeting your needs and addressing your concerns – from intercoms or simple lighting to fully integrated, networked security systems with cameras and 2-way response alarms and callouts.

Residential Process

A one-stop shop for customized electrical residential solutions.

Endure Electric - Calgary Electrical Renovations, Installations and Automation

It all starts with an idea – an idea related to comfort, convenience, safety or enjoyment.

That idea becomes reality with some innovative thinking, thoughtful planning, product selection and expert installation.

Endure customers recognize the benefits of working with an electrical contractor that can work with them through all of the steps of a residential construction project – from beginning to end.

The Connected Home

At Endure Electric we have the capability and capacity to provide the integration people seek for various devices, services and apps. Our system designs are created to address communications, entertainment, healthcare, security and automation needs. Our skilled electricians have the expertise to install and configure various levels of networking so you don’t have to schedule additional appointments with network providers.

Heating and Ventilation Controls

Today’s homes include more than a furnace with a dial control. While HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) controls may be standard, they too are evolving to offer better climate control and energy conservation. Home owners can now opt to supplement the central controls for various functions with mobile apps, offering increased control and monitoring.

Going green: Car Chargers, Solar Panel Installs

There is increasing interest in green or renewable solutions for the residential market. Today, people are most interested in adding solar panels to supplement or offset their primary home electricity power source. However, we are also being asked to design and install electrical vehicle charging systems more frequently. Endure recognizes the importance of such a shift and has ensured our team has the latest knowledge and up-to-date skills to address all related requirements.

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Residential Process
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