From blueprint to build, Endure takes 2D thinking into the 3D realm.

Working with Endure Electric, you can be assured that your investment is in good hands. We have extensive experience working on major projects ranging from warehouses, to car dealerships, retail and business offices.

As a full-service electrical contractor, we have established a track record of success – not only with regards to electrical installations, but as a key contributor to a project’s overall results and the collaborative effort required.

From blueprint to build, Endure takes 2D thinking into the 3D realm

Endure Electric - Calgary Electrical Renovations, Installations and Automation

Project highlights / key learnings

Multi- Family Complex in Martindale: Avalon Master Builders/ Attainable Homes

  • 1-2 Years to complete
  • Like any builder, the project was driven by value for the dollar. The exceptional productivity of the Endure Team allowed us to achieve that.
  • This was a unique complex, with a unique set of challenges, due to the fact that there was no natural gas service to the facility. As a result, in-home heating needed to be electrical, adding additional power requirements for the electrical services.
  • We worked with the builder to identify and capitalize on potential cost savings.
  • Having sufficient staff available to complete the electrical work when needed was a positive aspect of this project.