Why choose Endure? Because of our people, our philosophy and our approach, of course.

While many elements contribute to the success of a building construction or renovation project, our customers and collaborators acknowledge the benefits of working with Endure Electric.

We are problem solvers

Problem solvers are not born, they develop through years of hands on experience and trial and error – adopting the principles of continuous improvement. Problem-solving is a bit of an art where innovative thinking meets common sense – a cornerstone of the Endure Edge.

We are a one stop shop

Our customers often refer to us as a one-stop-shop for custom electrical solutions in residential and commercial construction circles. They have come to rely on our capabilities and recognize our resourcefulness in providing full-service, end to end solutions.

We are professional

Our business acumen and professional reputation reflect the core of who we are – providing a certain reassurance to those we work with. While our professionalism is observed and recognized by customers, it is also acknowledged on the jobsite where we collaborate with other trades and importantly, with those providing regulatory oversight.

We are innovative

Innovative products and innovative approaches to problem solving are part of who we are and what we do. Being innovative is much more than reading about the trends – it comes from our innate desire to provide leading edge solutions – exceeding customer expectations.


Endure Electric - Calgary Electrical Renovations, Installations and Automation

Electrical Contractors play a crucial role in the success of every building construction project, from new builds to renovations and restorations. That is why it is so important for electrical firms to not only be aware of pertinent legislation, regulations and building codes BUT to abide by the details therein.

At Endure Electric, safety is a given. We have a solid track record of jobs without incident.
At Endure Electric, regulatory requirements are top of mind for every job we undertake.
You can rest assured that, working with Endure Electric, your project will not only meet the scrutiny of regulatory oversight bodies, but receive the approvals to proceed to completion in a timely and efficient manner.